Posted: February 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

A creature of habit, Nick started every day the same way. He splashed cold water on his face before staring across at his own reflection. Getting older, but not too shabby for just turning forty-three, he pondered … He washed and dried his hands and looked out the window … His fingers flicked the slats open only to expose a rain-soaked pane. I guess my friend called it right; there probably won’t be any baseball to watch tonight, Nick thought glumly. Before his fingers released their pressure, he spotted some kind of movement from behind a very old maple tree directly across the street. He found himself opening the slats even wider as he continued to stare into the stormy morning. Nick’s eyes focused on a shadow illuminated by the streetlight and hovering on the ground just beyond the confines of the maple tree. He considered calling the police, but then from behind the tree, a figure darted up the block toward the main cross road. In what seemed like an instant, the runner was out of view.


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