The Story of “Lonely Deceptions”

Posted: July 14, 2011 in The Author, The Book
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Funny, when I was growing up I never had aspirations of becoming a writer or a chocolatier.  On the contrary, an accountant was what I thought I’d end up being. Now I make chocolate and I have my first mystery/suspense book published, Lonely Deceptions.

It all began with the sound of a drinking glass crashing onto the floor. My mom had knocked the glass down with her hand because—we would learn later that day—her eyesight was quickly being robbed by diabetes.

She eventually became legally blind and could no longer read, something a volunteer librarian loved to do. I soon came up with an idea that I would write short stories for her. And after I wrote one I would read it aloud to her, trying my best to give each character his or her own distinctive voice (an actor I’m not).

My mom enjoyed them and often said I should become a writer. I would just laugh in response. But little did I realize I was falling in love with writing.  Soon stories would pop into my head and I couldn’t wait to get them on paper.

I still can’t believe I have a book published…my mom would have been very proud.



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