Solving the Mystery of Owning a Chocolate Shop

Posted: July 21, 2011 in The Author
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From the chocolate shop

Way back in 1983—at 25 years old and not having the foggiest idea what the difference was between real chocolate and confectionary coating—I opened up a very small chocolate shop in northern New Jersey. And so began my learning the art and mystery of how to temper real chocolate (and I quickly learned how much I love to eat gourmet chocolate).

Fast forward to 2008; my family and I moved to Georgia and soon we discussed opening up a little chocolate shop in our hometown. We figured with my chocolate experience, my father-in-law’s sales experience, my wife’s ability for crafts and decorating, my ten-year-old’s enthusiasm (You know the saying…my daughter has become the proverbial kid in a candy store), our aunt’s computer skills and last but not least, my mother-in-laws ability to turn any dessert recipe into a mouth-watering experience…All Things Chocolate and More was off and running!

Now I juggle between writing my next book and making delicious chocolate. I could not have written a better story for myself…a very sweet life indeed.

Lonely Deceptions

All Things Chocolate and More


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