My characters and their creation…

Posted: July 29, 2011 in The Book
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In the past, writing for my mom using pre-existing science fiction characters was one thing; I quickly found out that creating a living breathing character out of thin air was a totally different ball game.

Early on, when the story of Lonely Deceptions popped into my head, I began to jot down the names of my characters with very detailed descriptions of what they were to look like—tall, short, blue eyes, brown eyes, husky, skinny.  And of course, I made sure that as soon as a new character entered the page, he or she was described in long, dry, boring detail.

Luckily, I learned on my own that describing characters this way paused something that was much more important…the story and truly learning who the person is that’s pointing the gun or kissing the hero (hopefully for the hero’s sake, not simultaneously).

So, what have I learned…characters are born from what they say and the actions they take. Perhaps what they look like should be more up to the reader than the writer.


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