The Family Tie That Binds

Posted: August 16, 2011 in The Book
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The importance of family bonds…hmmmm…perhaps this is the one true single thread that ties my main character, ordinary man, Nick Davis of Lonely Deceptions, with myself. Unless, of course, my family is involved with spies…

I’ve always believed that family comes first. It’s sad to me that my mother and father never got to see this book published or the new chocolate store that we have opened. (Although, I do believe somehow, somewhere, they do know). We are here for such a short time. For that reason, it baffles me when I hear of a friend’s family not speaking with each other for years over what usually amounts to be a very inconsequential disagreement.

Back to Nick Davis…his love for his sister, his father, drives him throughout my story. Because, if he didn’t care—and at the first sign of trouble—he would have probably ran and hid and then I guess my book would have been about ten pages long.  Without giving away the plot, Nick has an unconditional love for his family. This love allows him to go through all of the craziness and bad guys that I can through at him and come out of it a hero. At least, I hope, a hero in the reader’s eyes.


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