Diabetes, Not a Disease to Take Lightly

Posted: September 28, 2011 in The Author
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Unlike the villains in my mystery/suspense stories that I write, Diabetes is a monster that readily shows itself whenever and wherever it pleases.

I have no doubt that my mother’s last years would have been completely different if she had ate healthier and above all else, if she would have seen a doctor once a year for a routine examination. My mom did neither of these.

The day we found out that diabetes was robbing my mother’s eyesight was surreal to me. I guess the most frustrating thing to me was that I was helpless to get her sight back.

In my mom’s specific case, diabetes did more than rob her of her eyesight, through a series of unfortunate events it caused her to suffer tremendously through her last few years on earth.

In the beginning she refused to let her handicap slow her down so she did volunteer work at a senior citizens home, but one day the traffic light had broken and she attempted to cross the street and was hit by an automobile. She had to learn to walk again, but the diabetes and the car accident had weakened her heart and she went through a triple bypass.  I know this sounds like a story of fiction, but my mom had to live through it. Our family had to live through it.

As I mentioned before, Diabetes is a monster, one we cannot take lightly.

For more information about diabetes, living with diabetes, and what you can do to help, see this website from the American Diabetes Association.





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