Family Memories – Capturing my youth in my writing

Posted: October 10, 2011 in The Book
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In my book, Lonely Deceptions, I drew upon my memories of my parents to breathe life into my main character’s mother and father. Since family has always been important to me, it only felt natural to have it be important to Nick Davis as well.

In one moment of the book, Nick is remembering his youth, walking hand in hand through the snow with his mother. Every time—and I mean every time—I read that part in the book, I can almost feel my own mom’s hand guiding me along the snowy streets, see her smile beaming down at me. The fact that I can share this one tiny moment in time of my life with readers is priceless to me.

From the very beginning of the book we find out that Nick’s father, Nelson Davis, is lovingly odd; a character’s character, so to speak. There’s a particular embarrassing moment for Nick when his father thinks nothing of calling his son in the middle of the night to discuss a Viagra-like television commercial.  Nick’s father is loving, funny and too over-the-top quirky to be real.  Having said that…let’s just say that Nick isn’t the only one to get a call from his father in the middle of the night.


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