Installment 2 – The Reader

Posted: January 25, 2012 in Uncategorized
This is the second installment of a story that will unravel slowly, week by week. Check back to find out what happens as the tale unfolds. Updates will be posted on Twitter and Facebook.



A Fiction story



The sky quickly darkened around her followed by a light drizzle, causing her to turn on the windshield wipers.  “I don’t remember hearing anything about rain today, she said, while the wipers labored, squealing back and forth. Emma accelerated the car not wanting to get caught driving in a southern downpour. A small brown bag containing two chocolate cupcakes teetered on the edge of the passenger seat; she used her right hand to stop it from tipping over onto the car mat. The last thing she wanted was to bring Ethan a flattened dessert. He never cared about such trivial things, but she did.

Emma’s thoughts drifted to the first time she met Ethan and she found herself missing her turn as the drizzle dramatically turned into a hard rain. The fierce tap-dancing of the raindrops on the car’s metal roof went right through her head.

“Dang it! Wake up Emma!” She banged on the steering wheel a couple of times. Without signaling, she pulled over onto the shoulder of the road to attempt a u-turn. A truck whizzed by with its horn angrily blaring, scaring the life out of her.  Emma’s body trembled, then tears rushed from her eyes…


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