Installment 4 – The Reader

Posted: February 21, 2012 in The Reader
This is the fourth installment of a story that will unravel slowly, week by week. Check back to find out what happens as the tale unfolds. Updates will be posted on Twitter and Facebook.

Draped within her favorite robe, Emma sat down under her reading light in hopes of finishing her mystery book, The Secret, by Mary Roberts Rinehart.  The storm outside raged on, prompting the lights to flicker from dull to bright then back to dull.

“Just perfect, next the lights will go out and I’ll be sitting here in the dark, alone, waiting for Ethan to show,” she uttered with more than a hint of sarcasm. “Besides that, I’ll never get to finish this book. I really need to see how it all ends.”

Her words echoed in the sparsely furnished room.

With a precautionary flashlight lying on the round table next to her, she opened the book to the final chapter, falling asleep in the chair as per her ritual, without reading a single word.

A violent burst of lighting, shortly followed by a deafening roll of thunder, awakened Emma. She let out a sharp scream and then immediately felt embarrassed on having done so. The lights had finally succumbed to the storm and she reached clumsily for the flashlight to turn it on.

Emma pointed it toward the chair near the far corner and sure enough, Ethan was sitting there …


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