Installment 6 — The Reader

Posted: March 14, 2012 in The Reader
This is the sixth installment of a story that will unravel slowly, week by week. Check back to find out what happens as the tale unfolds. Updates will be posted on Twitter and Facebook.

The house phone rang out, waking up Emma from a deep sleep. The electricity had been restored, brightly illuminating her reading room. Her eyes darted around the room but Ethan was no longer there. Of course he wasn’t, for he had died.

This simple fact didn’t stop her from purchasing his favorite cupcake every day. It didn’t stop her from believing he was somehow still with her.  It only stopped her from living.

The phone continued to ring. It was seven in the morning and the phone would not be quiet.  Emma knew it could only be one person.

“No…no, not again,” she said out loud to herself.  Emma decided to let it ring forever if necessary, but her hand seemed to have a mind of its own and she picked up the receiver placing it near her ear.

“Please stop calling,” Emma whispered to the caller over and over again…


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