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Installment 8 — The Reader

Posted: April 11, 2012 in The Reader
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 This is the eighth installment of a story that will unravel slowly. Check back to find out what happens as the tale unfolds. Updates will be posted on Twitter and Facebook.

Emma decided to play her friend’s game, and took the psychiatrist’s business card from Anne’s outstretched hand. Although she had no mind to ever reach out to Anne again, Emma did call Dr. Donald Goldstein that day.


        “No…no, not again,” she said out loud to herself.  Her hand seemed to have a mind of its own, and she picked up the receiver placing it near her ear.

       “Please stop calling,” Emma whispered to the caller. She glanced down on the round table next to her reading chair and opened The Secret to the first page with her free hand. A business card fell out and onto the floor. Emma picked it up reading the type side. Dr. Donald Goldstein Jr.  A phone number that could be called 24 hours a day boldly italicized right below the name.

“Ms. Walker, please hold on for Doctor Goldstein.” A woman’s overly sweet voice said.

It’s Mrs. Walker to you.  “Could you…could you tell the doctor…”

Emma tried to untangle her words, but the sweet-voiced woman was already connecting her.